Yellowstone Brand® Product

Yellowstone Brand® Sugar-House Sulfur Flakes

Sugar-House Flaked Sulfur (99.9% Sulfur)

Yellowstone Brand® High-Purity Sulfur Prills is an elemental sulfur prill sourced from virgin production in North America primarily from the Claus Process.

Available in:

  • 50-lb bag
  • 1-ton (super sack) tote
  • Bulk

MS99 Flaked

Product Details:

FOR INDUSTRIAL USE. Made in Montana U.S.A.

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: 99.9% Minimum by weight as Elemental Sulfur
COLOR / APPEARANCE: Light Yellow, Flaked Solid
SCREEN SIZE: 95% Passing Through ½ Inch Screen
BULK DENSITY: Approx. 59 Lb. per cubic foot
SOURCE: Virgin Production from Claus Sulfur Recovery

Montana Sulphur Sugar House Sulfur Flakes

Buyer is to understand that the analysis below represents production guidelines. Material is not analyzed by individual lots. Most production exceeds this analysis. No warranty applies to this product, except as to minimum sulfur content. All other warranties, if any, whether expressed or implied are hereby disclaimed. User assumes full responsibility for proper use and disposal. Manufacturer reserves the right to change specification(s) at any time without notice.

Warranty and Disclaimer of Warranty

This product is warranted to be of a sulfur analysis (percentage) not lower than described.

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NO OTHER WARRANTY IS EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED and ANY SUCH OTHER WARRANTIES ARE DISCLAIMED by Montana Sulphur & Chemical Company. Upon evidence satisfactory to the Company that the sulfur content of this product is not as warranted, Montana Sulphur & Chemical Company will, at its sole option, cure the defect, replace the product, or refund the price paid Montana Sulphur & Chemical Company by the original purchaser.

Because conditions and methods of handling, use, and disposal of these products vary and are beyond the control of the manufacturer, Montana Sulphur & Chemical Company is not liable for any injury or damage, direct, indirect, or consequential, to purchasers, users, or any other person. Read the Safety Data Sheet for this product before handling. Soil conditions and crop needs vary. Seek competent advice as to use and application rates. Misuse of this product, like any product, may result in personal injury or property damage. User assumes responsibility for the handling, use and disposal of the product and packaging.

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