Growing Your Bottom Line

Montana Sulphur is one of the earliest adapters of manufacturing high-purity sulfur products and sulfur-bentonite products for agriculture.

We manufacture sulfur for use in agricultural fertilizers. In addition, sulfur is used in paper manufacturing, sugar and food processing, water treatment, asphalt production, mining, and other industrial specialty products.

Keeping Montana Skies Clean

Reducing sulfur dioxide emissions since 1955

Our team was minimizing emissions before there was much government regulation on air quality in the U.S. In fact, we’re the longest continually running sulfur recovery plant in North America.

Our work makes a major difference. In 2020, we captured more than 60 million pounds of sulfur that, without such processing, would otherwise go into the air as more than 60,000 tons of sulfur dioxide.

“When we started doing this in the 1950s, no one was required to do it, but we did it anyway,” President D.L. Zink said. “Keeping excessive sulfur dioxide out of the air is the right thing to do for local air quality.”

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