High Purity Sugar-House Sulfur Flakes; 99.9% Sulfur

High Purity Sugar-House Sulfur Flakes are a high purity flaked style bright yellow sulfur of consistent qualities, developed for use in sugar processing, and also finding uses in some specialty chemical production where a high surface area to weight ratio is advantageous. Made from Claus sulfur which is recovered from the vapor state by condensation, the sulfur is naturally very high purity


2021 OMRI Certification

2020 OMRI Certification

High Purity Sugar-House Sulfur Flakes – Safety Data Sheet

  • 50 lb bags (40 bags per pallet)
  • 2500 lb Anti-Static Bulk Bags
Product Details


  • Sulfur Content: 99.9+ wt.-% minimum as Elemental Sulfur
  • Color / Appearance: Light Yellow, Flaked Solid
  • Bulk Density: Approx. 65 Lbs./Cu. Ft.
  • Source: Production from high quality “Claus” Sulfur
Product Analysis

Buyer is to understand that the analysis below represents production guidelines. Material is not analyzed by individual lots. Most production exceeds these specifications. No warranty applies to this product, except as to minimum sulfur content. All other warranties, if any, whether expressed or implied are hereby disclaimed. User assumes full responsibility for proper use and disposal. Manufacturer reserves the right to change specification(s) at any time without notice.

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